Safety Matters


We work to ensure all legal requirements are met

Compliance with Health and Safety requirements and the regulations that govern the transport of hazardous materials by road, are a major concern when moving a laboratory. The laws defining consignor liability put the ultimate responsibility for the safe conduct and legality of the move on you. We will work with safety officers at both ends of your move, to ensure all legal requirements are met in terms of risk assessments, method statements and other related documentation. Most important, through staff training and experience, we make your move safe in reality, not just on paper.


Orange warning plate and large external fire extinguisher

To make sure you stay within the law we have to comply with “ADR” regulations; you will recognise a company operating under these strict rules by the orange warning plates displayed on the front and back of their trucks, and the large external fire extinguishers. We also have to employ a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, or “DGSA”. It is the law that the company carrying out your move employs a staff member with this exacting qualification. They will look at what you have to move and decide the equipment to be used. In particular that crates and packaging that meet the legal requirements are used where required. In addition the drivers have to hold an ADR licence as well as the relevant driver’s licence for that class of truck. In practice it is our policy to train all staff to this standard.

It is possible that the amount of hazardous materials you plan to move will not be enough to bring your job into the regulations. You still need a DGSA, however, to make that calculation and decision.


We can supply a full packing service, or should you prefer to pack yourself we can supply crates and packaging whenever you need them before the move for your own staff to pack. You are not expected to empty them on the day we deliver to your new lab, they are usually collected about a week after the move. We can also arrange extended hire of crates for a small extra charge.


We can supply crates and packaging whenever you need them

As a general rule we pack chemicals and other hazardous materials as we are familiar with the procedures and potential pitfalls. This is often done on the day of the move.

It will be necessary to ensure that any equipment to be moved has been cleaned and decontaminated before we handle it. You can use your own forms to document this, or we can supply them.