Managing Large Projects

A move management company is sometimes a good, if expensive, way of buying expertise to help when tackling the relocation of a large office block, especially if the move has to be phased over a longer period. However, as they operate and own no vehicles apart from company cars, have no premises apart from smart offices, and have no working employees, they can only act as a go between for various sub contractors. This is fine if you are moving a bank and can afford their mark up on top of the actual cost of the work, but when a laboratory facility and its associated offices has to be moved, it requires specialist knowledge and unlimited funds are not available.


HRH Logistics knows what needs to be done. We will assign a director to your project who can assist from the very first planning meetings, right through to the wash up meeting at the conclusion of the project. What makes our service unique is that director will also be leading the teams during the move, actually physically moving your kit alongside our teams of articulate, literate, numerate, hazardous materials qualified movers. We have the job completely under our control. We own a fleet of modern, air suspended, low emission vehicles that are based at our secure warehouse facility. These are operated by our properly employed permanent staff.
Our management team can help with every aspect of the move. Our experience means we can tell you exactly how long each part of the move is likely to take and help you draw up an accurate timetable. We liaise with local authorities to arrange parking exemptions or road closures. We can talk with local police forces to ensure you comply with Section 7 of the Anti Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001. If there is a requirement for another specialist, such as a heavy lift crane company, HRH will arrange this and one of our team will work with them to ensure the work is done to your exact requirements. As a company we are big enough that we have enough management capacity that in the event of illness, or holidays if your move is spread over a long period, other members of our team will be completely familiar with your project and able to step in to give continuity.
After thirty years of managing laboratory moves of all sizes, we either know the answers, or know where to find them. This leaves you free to concentrate on minimizing the down time for your people, and getting your new facility working productively.