The Company

HRH logistics works for scientists and their suppliers. It is all we have done for the last twenty five years. We are specialists. This means you will always be working with people who understand your working environment, your requirements and your concerns; they know your equipment and very likely the buildings you work in. Fully trained, licenced and qualified, HRH staff can work with you from the beginning of your project to the end, to ensure you comply with legislation and internal procedures, and to make your move safe in reality, not just on paper.

Our total commitment to our chosen field allows us to specify our vehicles and equipment without compromise. Everything is tailored to the work we do. Our trucks are fitted with air suspension on all axles to smooth the ride for your move, and comply with all the regulations that apply to the transport of hazardous materials. The handling equipment we use is designed to work in confined spaces. Perhaps most important, our team of full time movers are trained with one object in mind: the safe relocation of laboratory apparatus and contents.

The Team:

Ian Crockett

Managing Director

Peter Argyle

Operations Manager and DGSA

Chris Davey

Company Chairman