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Laboratory Removals

The Ins and Outs of your building

Even modern laboratory buildings can pose serious access problems, and some older premises might seem impossible. Lifts are often not big enough, and doorways and corridors inadequate for moving big apparatus. We can deploy a range of stair climbers, lifting gear, tools and the knowledge and training to use them to solve these problems. We work with crane companies throughout the country and deal with all the aspects of preparation that are needed when a heavy lift is required.

Stair Climber in action
Stair Climber in action

A benefit of having moved laboratories for the last thirty years, is that we probably know not just your existing laboratories, but where you might be moving to as well. HRH has a very low staff turnover. It is not just our surveyor who will come to look at your move who will know your building, but the team doing the actual work will probably have a very good idea of what they are up against as well from past experience. They will be prepared with all the equipment needed to move your lab out and in.

It will be necessary to ensure that any equipment to be moved has been cleaned and decontaminated before we handle it. You can use your own forms to document this, or we can supply them.

Frozen Assets

Many laboratories will use at least one -80 freezer, in addition to -20 freezers and +4 refrigerators. Maintaining a constant temperature below -75 for the duration of the move requires experience and the right equipment. We have developed a method, proven with the use of chart recorders, that will maintain your samples well below -70 even on the longest journey. In the past we have carried frozen samples from as far away as Switzerland to London, without compromising their viability.

You may be faced with a situation where you need to move -80 samples but you are not moving a freezer of your own. We can supply -80 freezers for the journey, or for any other purpose you may have.

Any samples you have stored in liquid nitrogen can also be moved. We will advise on the procedures needed to do this.

Office Contents

We can move all office contents as part of the overall project.

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